FBN: Winning the Web, But Missing “Experience of the Average Joe”

By SteveK 

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Liza Featherstone writes an in depth feature about Fox Business Network in this month’s Columbia Journalism Review. Featherstone writes that, despite the fact that FBN “champions Main Street over Wall Street,” the network is missing, “the actual perspective and experience of the average Joe.”

Featherstone writes that FBN, “can be fun to watch,” and describes examples of the unique way the channel has presented financial news. Still, “If FBN were to be intellectually honest in early 2008, some of that reporting would necessarily be less than upbeat,” she writes. “We never even meet FBN’s favorite protagonist: the consumer trying to make ends meet. We don’t see the neighborhoods in Cleveland that have been devastated by the mortgage mess.”

As FBN evolves on TV, its web counterpart has shot to success. Michael Learmonth writes on Silicon Alley Insider about Foxbusiness.com (1.01 million) surpassing CNBC.com (998,000) in unique viewers during January 2008 (CNNMoney.com beat both significantly, with 5.6 million). One caveat — all of Foxnews.com’s business news traffic gets redirected to Foxbusiness.com.