FBN President Brian Jones Says His Network Has Adopted a ‘Main Street Over Wall Street’ Philosophy

By A.J. Katz 

Forbes contributor (and former TVNewser co-editor) Mark Joyella spoke with Fox Business president Brian Jones about how the network has grown since he was named president 15 months ago.

According to Forbes, most recent data from Nielsen shows FBN averaging more total viewers than CNBC during “business day” hours for 15 consecutive months.

“The torch passed about a year ago when people understood the importance of tax policy and trade policy and economic and fiscal policy on their lives and on their wallet,” Jones said. “CNBC still focuses on the individual stock and the individual company, and that doesn’t really affect that many individual lives.”

Per Forbes, Fox Business and CNBC are different in terms of presentation and mindset:

Fox, in contrast, has from the start adopted a “Main Street over Wall Street” philosophy, focusing on issues that impact family checkbooks and bank accounts—even using a device Fox producers call “the translator,” an on-screen graphic that explains the meaning of a business term a guest may have used, and why it’s important.

Jones is aware of FBN’s critics:

“Our critics always come up with an excuse,” Jones says of his network’s success. “We have our goal, and we know how important this is. We take our responsibility very seriously. We take this time in history very, very seriously. We want to make sure we’re providing accurate and actionable information for people.”