FBN Live All Day With Northern Rock News

By SteveK 

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Last holiday, it was the international stock drop. Today, the financial news which FBN gets to cover almost exclusively as the only financial news network live all day relates to the U.K. government’s plan to nationalize Northern Rock.

Although CNBC covered the story until it went to tape at 6amET and Bloomberg had coverage until 11amET, FBN was live with many more aspects of the story. FBN had part of Prime Minister Gordon Brown‘s presser live, and London-based FBN correspondent Ashley Webster offered analysis.

FBN ribbed CNBC in an ad (seen above) in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, with the line, “While CNBC takes another holiday…your investments won’t.”

Portfolio.com’s Jeff Bercovici writes about how FBN is, “carving out a nice little niche for itself as the place for business news on federal holidays.”

Chris Roush at Talking Biz News also has a write up on today’s financial coverage.