FBN Embracing Its Inner Libertarian

By Alex Weprin 

It looks like executives at Fox Business Network are taking our advice. A few weeks ago we wrote that in order for FBN to succeed:

It needs to offer a product that is substantively different than what the sister network offers. This is something CNBC and MSNBC do very well, and FBN and Fox News do not.

Today, the New York TimesBrian Stelter notes that FBN has been adding a few libertarian voices to its lineup in the form of Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel.

Stelter also spoke to liberal commentator Bill Press, who quipped about FBN: “I think they’ve just decided to make it the second propaganda channel.”

That comment drew a rebuke from FBN, after the jump.

An FBN spokesperson gave one of Fox’s typically snarky responses to Talking Biz News:

If anyone is familiar with being a ratings killer it’s Bill Press who hasn’t been able to maintain a steady hosting job on television since being dumped by CNN in 2002 and having his show canceled by MSNBC in 2003.