Father of Slain Reporter Says Daughter Was ‘Perfect Fox News Girl’

By Chris Ariens 

Andy Parker said he “had a gut feeling that something was wrong” when his daughter WDBJ reporter Alison Parker didn’t answer her phone this morning. Parker, along with Alison’s boyfried, WDBJ anchor Chris Hurst talked with Megyn Kelly tonight about the tragedy in Roanoke, Va.

Parker told Kelly he had reservations about coming on her show. “If it were any other situation I wouldn’t have,” he said. But he felt it was important to talk about Alison’s life as a journalist. “We joked with her that she was the perfect Fox News girl: she was pretty, she was blonde and she was extremely smart,” he said.

Parker pleaded with Kelly and the rest of the national media not to forget how Alison and her colleague Adam Ward were killed in cold blood, and how it could have been prevented.

“I know it’s the news business and this is a big story,” Parker said. “But next week it isn’t going to be a story anymore and everybody is going to forget it. But you mark my words, my mission in life…I’m going to do something, whatever it takes, to get gun legislation to shame people, to shame legislators into doing something about closing loopholes in background checks and making sure crazy people don’t get guns.”