Fast Money’s Prime Premiere: Impressions

By Brian 

I asked for feedback about Fast Money’s primetime premiere. Here are a few:

> “Fast Money is my favorite show on CNBC. I trade stocks for a living and these gentlemen are the REAL DEAL! You are judged on performance and these men… actually use real capital and trade it.”

> “The Fast Money hosts need to learn to look at the camera sometimes when they speak. Often they have their heads awkwardly twisted starring at Dylan and I feel left out of the conversation.”

> “The Fast Money set at the NASDAQ looks really good.”

> “I have watched the show from time to time and I would LOVE to know if that show has made ANYBODY any money.”

> “I’m a longtime CNBC fan and I think Dylan Ratigan is outstanding so I’m biased. But I totally enjoyed the official launch of FM; it’s good to have the show back… I have liked it since it first started last year. Shooting the show at the glitzy, techie NASDAQ market site is genius. The guys were great as always and I’m thrilled the show has a fixed spot in CNBC’s lineup.”