Farewell, My Friends

By kevin 


Today will be my final day at TVNewser.

Working here has been an wonderful, unique, and exciting experience, thanks, in most part, to the incredible people I’ve met on this beat who’ve made the exhausting pace of covering television news worthwhile.


I am departing mediabistro.com to pursue a new opportunity, which, very sadly, does not include becoming Nicole Lapin‘s intern.

The first interview I conducted here was with Al Roker and since then, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to chat with everyone from Diane Sawyer, Christiane Amanpour, and Dan Rather to Elmo. I’ve been to the U.N. with Richard Roth and covered the Brian Williams vs Jon Stewart softball showdown. Shepard Smith once told me I don’t post enough. I defaced CNN’s Magic Wall.

Being editor of TVNewser is a very strange position to be in. I’ve been blessed with a front row seat to the inner workings of the biggest news organizations in the world. It was thrilling. It’s like peeking into a butcher shop where everyone is 100% pretty almost certain that they definitely maybe know exactly what they’re probably doing.

As for my colleagues here, I would like to thank Laurel, Omer, and our video producer Weston, who assisted in the telling of endless terrible jokes on both The Week in Advertising and the Mad Men recap.

I would also like to thank our boss and managing editor Chris Ariens, who not only helped develop this site into what it has become, but has also given me the equivalent of a Master’s degree education in the news biz. (And did it while overseeing mediabistro.com’s editorial department, which is not exactly easy on the digestion.)

I’m very proud to have my name alongside Brian, Chris, Steve, and now Alex who have made TVNewser into the kind of place that many people who work in TV news — and many more who don’t — enjoy getting their industry news each day.

To the TV news folks I’ve met, who emailed me, or who sent us tips. Thanks for your support. Your passion about your industry fuels this site. To everyone I haven’t had the chance to meet: I’m sorry I never had the pleasure.

To the commenters: I do hate the network you are a fan of, I am a militant member of that political party you disagree with, and, yes, I am actually CampbellBrownBear. Also, I do not own a television.

You can find me on twitter at @shockallocca and on linkedin.

You may see my byline once or twice more more this week, but this is my farewell. Thank you so so much for reading.