Fake MSNBC Clip Goes Viral

By Chris Ariens 

If this video landed in your inbox over the last couple of weeks, as it did in ours, you might have been shocked at what you heard. One problem: it’s fake. Insiders tell TVNewser it’s from the sometimes-real-news and sometimes-not Website, 23/6.com which is a partnership between IAC and Huffington Post.

One tip off that it’s not real: we don’t know of any directors who would do a 3,2,1 countdown to a live shot.

Now, that said, having been in a few control rooms in our day, things can and do get heated. Certain language is used. Tempers can flare. So, for all you news producers and directors out there we want to know:

Does your network have a policy about swearing while on a party line headset?
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