Fake Anchor Jeff Daniels Makes the Rounds in Real Newsrooms

By Chris Ariens 

Norah O'Donnell takes a page from episode one of HBO's "The Newsroom" after Jeff Daniels appeared on "CBS This Morning"

Actor Jeff Daniels was on “CBS This Morning” earlier today and on MSNBC’s “Hardball” this evening. Daniels, who plays Will McAvoy on HBO’s “The Newsroom” told Chris Matthews, “It’s not like we’re out trying to whitewash all of cable news. We’re trying to shine a light on the people really trying to tell the truth and get out the truth every day.”

Matthews observes that what happens on the HBO show is not far from the process of putting his show together:

“What’s really real about it — and I’ve been talking to our producers about it — is that it’s really like that. What’s gone on all day, between you and your EP, where you have to work together, there’s a little conflict there sometimes. Working together with another ego, you and the EP. And with the other producers doing their thing. The conflicts, the arguments, the great synergy is going on all day.”

Matthews also played a clip that included his son. “Who’s that really good looking young guy playing Martin?,” asked Matthews. “Some kid we hired off the the street,” Daniels shot back.

On CBS, Daniels talked about why he almost gave up acting. Clip after the jump…