Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh Hopes for Beheadings of CNN, MSNBC ‘Appeasers’

By Mark Joyella 

Congressman WalshA former congressman, Joe Walsh, has¬†expressed his frustration with CNN and MSNBC for choosing not to air images of Charlie Hebdo cartoons with a tweet, saying he hopes “when the Islamists next strike they first behead the appeasing cowards at CNN, MSNBC.” Walsh, a Republican from Illinois who now hosts a radio show,¬†was quickly condemned, including, as the Daily Caller reports, writers at the Washington Examiner and Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze.

Walsh responded to critics by saying “get real. I don’t hope for another act of terror but I know it will happen. And the appeasing cowards at CNN etal only endanger all of us.”

Walsh had a noteworthy encounter with CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield in 2012, when he became agitated and at one point said “Ashleigh, Ashleigh, Ashleigh.”