Evening Newscasts Head to El Paso, Site of Saturday’s Domestic Terror Attack

By A.J. Katz 

National news is scrambling to cover two mass shootings in fewer than 14 hours, leaving at least 29 dead.

The evening newscasts are now heading to El Paso, Texas, site of Saturday’s domestic terror attack which left at least 20 dead and 26 injured at an El Paso shopping center.

Lester Holt will anchor NBC Nightly News from El Paso tonight and will be joined by NBC News anchor and senior national correspondent Kate Snow from Dayton, Ohio –where nine people were gunned down at a bar at 1 a.m. ET this morning– for more on the tragic shootings in those respective cities.

Tomorrow, Holt will report from El Paso and Craig Melvin will report from Dayton for Today show. Holt will also anchor NBC Nightly News from location on Monday. Snow will remain in Dayton on Monday as well.

David Gura, Morgan Chesky, Blayne Alexander, Miguel Almaguer, Gadi Schwartz are also reporting for NBC/MSNBC from El Paso. Gabe Gutierrez, Kathy Park, Scott Newell, and Steve Patterson are reporting for NBC/MSNBC from Dayton.

For ABC News, David Muir is also en route to El Paso, and will anchor ABC World News Tonight from the city, beginning this evening.

Also on the ground for ABC in El Paso are correspondents Marcus Moore and Will Carr, and correspondent Jim Ryan for ABC News radio. On the ground in Dayton, Ohio are correspondents Eva Pilgrim and Alex Perez. Correspondent Ryan Burrow is there for ABC News radio.

A native Texan, Norah O’Donnell will anchor CBS Evening News tonight from New York, and then anchor Monday’s broadcast from El Paso.

CBS This Morning will begin the network’s on-the-ground coverage on Monday. David Begnaud will lead CTM’s coverage from El Paso. O’Donnell will report Monday morning from El Paso as well.

Begnaud, Janet Shamlian and Jonathan Vigliotti are the correspondents in El Paso for CBS News. Reporting from Dayton for the network are Dean Reynolds, Mola Lenghi, and Jeff Pegues.