Estimated Fair-Market Value of Fox News: $12.4B

By Merrill Knox Comment

Multichannel News is the latest to feature a profile on Fox News Channel’s 10-year anniversary of being #1 among the cable news networks. The magazine takes a look at the financial component to the FNC’s ratings success:

Whatever the reasons for its audience alchemy, FNC’s Nielsen success has translated to significant financial gains with both advertising and affiliate fees. In a research report, Morgan Stanley analyst Benjamin Swinburne estimates FNC’s fair-market value at $12.4 billion, which makes it News Corp.’s top asset. He forecasts total revenue at $1.6 billion this year.

The magazine also has a lengthy Q&A with Bill O’Reilly, who talks about the trajectory of FNC’s success since the 1996 launch. “I think we’ve changed the face of the way news is presented in this country,” he says. “So that’s satisfying.”