Erica Hill Moving From HLN to CNN?

By SteveK 

Could one of the Headline News anchors be making a move up to CNN full-time? Erica Hill, currently host of Prime News from 5-7pmET weekdays on HLN, could be moving under the corporate umbrella over to CNN.

An anonymous emailer sent TVNewser this tip: “Erica Hill leaving HLN for AC:360.”

A CNN insider tells TVNewser there have been newsroom rumblings about the move, but nothing officially has been announced yet.

Hill has had success hosting Prime News for HLN, contributing to their strong recent ratings. In November, TVNewser wrote that the show was up 43% year-to-year at 6pmET. Hill currently contributes to Anderson Cooper 360 with the daily “360 Bulletin” segment, but the move would most likely raise her role with the show.