Eric Bolling Signs New Deal to Stay at Blaze Media Through 2021

By A.J. Katz 

Blaze Media, the new partnership between Blaze and CRTV, has signed former Fox News host-turned BlazeTV senior political anchor Eric Bolling to a contract extension that will keep him at the company through 2021.

Bolling joined CRTV, a streaming service focused on delivering conservative political programming, in May of this year, and his show America launched on July 4 (appropriately).

In addition to getting a contract extension, Blaze has decided to increase the annual episode order for America.

Guests who have appeared on America have included those who used to appear on his old Fox News programming, including first lady Melania Trump, Lara Trump, Rand Paul,  Ted Cruz, Kellyanne Conway, Jim Jordan, and conservative celebrities like Rick Harrison, Wayne Newton, and more.

“When we first announced ‘America’ this past summer, I received a massive amount of support from my audience and the silent majority around the country,” Bolling said in a statement. “I am thankful for and have loved connecting with fans from around the nation, who have helped make ‘America’ must-see TV. BlazeTV is building a conservative powerhouse of established marquee names and tomorrow’s up-and-coming stars. I welcome more voices to join me at the nation’s “go-to” network for conservative opinion.”

“Eric has played a vital role in BlazeTV’s expansion and dominance this past year in the digital video space,” added Gaston Mooney, co-president of Blaze Media. “His genuine and authentic approach connects with the audience as only he can. Eric consistently raises the bar, further disrupting the traditional media space. We are thrilled about what comes next with Eric Bolling at BlazeTV.”

Bolling left Fox News in September 2017 following an investigation into sexual harassment claims made against him by women with whom he had worked at Fox.

Other Blaze programming include LevinTV hosted by Mark Levin, Louder with Crowder hosted by Steven Crowder, The Glenn Beck Program hosted by Glenn Beck, and many more.