Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Joining ‘Fox & Friends’

By Merrill Knox 

Ahead of her Monday debut on “Fox & Friends,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck does a Q+A with TV Guide Magazine. Hasselbeck tells Stephen Battaglio about advice she got before her departure from “The View” and what she’ll bring to her new role at Fox News.

Even viewers who didn’t agree with you politically liked your feistiness on The View. How are we going to get that spark out of you when you’re sitting with a couple of like-minded co-hosts?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: There is understandably the big misconception that controversy is what people enjoyed about [The View]. But there are numbers and focus groups and viewers who say they enjoyed the conversation. I’m a person who believes that if you are who you say who you are, it doesn’t matter where you are or you’re with — you can be full of spark. I have incredible co-hosts who have already been doing a phenomenal job. It’s the least of my concerns.

You interviewed President Obama four times on The View. Is there any chance he’d come on Fox & Friends?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: I believe anything is possible. I have real relationships with people in the White House right now. I talk on the phone with Vice President Joe Biden. When you’re face to face with them, you’re looking at another mom, another dad or another person with a story. Labels are created by people who aren’t involved in the actual relationships.