El Capitan Climbers Didn’t Expect to be Media Sensation

By Brian Flood 

YosemiteCNNAs Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson get closer to reaching Yosemite’s El Capitan Summit, TVNewser flashes back to October 2011 when “60 Minutes” profiled their good friend and fellow climber, Alex Honnold.

When Caldwell and Jorgeson reach the Summit, they’ll be greated by various TV cameras and members of the media, including NBC’s Miguel Almaguer, who even has a behind-the-scenes video as he hikes to meet the adventurous climbers. “CBS This Morning” has a crew at Yosemite, ABC’s “Nightline” has also reported on it, as have CNN, BBC, and the Weather Channel.

In an interview with Men’s Journal, Hannold talks about the media sensation this has become.

“I doubt they expected anything close to this level of media. Tommy accidentally dropped his phone off the wall. I called him on one of the photographers’ phones yesterday. He was like, ‘it’s actually kind of sweet this way,’ because he’s like a little more detached from it. There is this feeling of obligation that you should keep up. If your wife is being like, ‘Oh, you should see this thing on ABC. I can’t believe the CNN piece,” Hannold said.