Ed Henry on the Relationship Between Fox News and the Obama Administration

By Merrill Knox Comment

Fox News’ chief White House correspondent Ed Henry is featured in DuJour magazine, which calls him “D.C.’s prom king.” Henry, who is also president of the White House Correspondent’s Association, talks about the network’s relationship with the Obama administration:

“I just think there is probably a unique spotlight put on the Fox correspondent covering Obama, because there has been some back and forth over the last four years—to put it mildly … I respect the president, and I think he respects me. My job is to challenge authority. I don’t really have any problems day to day in terms of covering them.”

Henry also looks forward to the WHCA dinner later this month:

“We always get a lot of buzz for our White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Lots of celebrities come, people have a great time, and that’s good,” he says. “But we want to remind people that our organization is standing up for press access at the White House and standing up for needy students. That’s important to us. We should give something back.”