Dylan Ratigan And Ed Schultz Get Heated Over Jobs On MSNBC

By Alex Weprin 

MSNBC hosts Dylan Ratigan and Ed Schultz, (both guests guests during much-less heated episodes of MediaBeat) got into a very heated argument following President Obama’s press conference this afternoon, only ending when Schultz removed his earpiece and essentially pulled himself off of the program.

Update: Ratigan hosted Schultz on his program later in the day, and apologized again. Watch here.

The pair were discussing the president’s jobs plan, with Ratigan delivering a longish but passionate commentary on what he thought it meant. Anchor Thomas Roberts then asked Schultz for his thoughts, and Schultz responded, only to be interrupted by Ratigan:

“I didn’t interrupt you Dylan! I didn’t interrupt you,” Schultz said.

“Sorry, but I wanted to address that,” Ratigan replied

“I don’t care what you wanted to address! didn’t interrupt you!,” Schultz replied, making a “time out” sign with his hands, as Ratigan apologized for interrupting him.

Scultz then proceeded to continue speaking, with Ratigan stepping in once more:

“I gotta go back and do my radio show, I am not going to be interrupted by Dylan,” Schultz said, pulling out his earpiece and turning away from the camera.