Drones Approved For Making Movies. How Long Before They’re Approved for TV News?

By Chris Ariens 

SandersDroneThe network morning shows used as-yet-approved TV news technology to report on the just approved motion picture industry use of drones.

On Thursday, the FAA cleared the way for six film companies to use drones for film-making purposes.

Jeff Pegues reported the story for “CBS This Morning,” holding a drone outside a Washington, DC movie theater. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reported for the “Today” show from Aerial MOB in San Diego, one of the FAA-approved drone companies. (Both Pegeus and Sanders began their stories with a scene from “Skyfall,” the latest James Bond film, which was filmed, in Istanbul, using a drone.)

Sanders had a 2-camera live intro (after the jump), including what’s believed to be the first live national broadcast under the new FAA guidelines. (If you’re wondering whether Sanders’ use of the drone was legal, since his was for news-gathering purposes, the “Today” crew was in a hanger and therefore not in FAA-controlled air space.)

As we discussed at the TVNewser Summit in April, TV news is one of the industries in the FAA line to start using drones legally.