Dr. John Torres Named NBC News Medical Correspondent

By Chris Ariens 

Dr. John Torres, who has been a contributor to NBC News, has joined the network as medical correspondent. Torres, an Air Force Academy and University of New Mexico Med School grad, was an ER doctor in southern Colorado where he got his start in TV news, contributing to KOAA.

In 2009, Dr. Torres joined KUSA, the NBC affiliate in Denver, continuing as an emergency room physician.

“Dr. Torres teaches NATO Special Forces a variety of tactical combat casualty care, combat simulations and medical leadership,” writes NBC News svp Janelle Rodriguez, announcing the hire in a note to staff. “Additionally, throughout his career, Dr. Torres has made numerous humanitarian trips to Central and South America, providing medical care to children in need.”

Torres has been contributing to NBC News and MSNBC for the last several months. NBC’s last medical editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, departed the network in March 2015. Dr. Natalie Azar continues as a medical contributor for NBC/MSNBC.