‘Down the Hatch’: Dana Milbank Eats a 9-Course Meal Made From Trump Column

By Mark Joyella Comment

Perhaps you’ve never felt the desire to watch Washington Post columnist and frequent cable news guest Dana Milbank eat. But Thursday afternoon, more than a thousand people watched a Facebook live event featuring Milbank eating his own words.

In a fourth-floor conference room at The Post, Milbank sat at a table before cameras, eating a nine-course meal prepared by chef Victor Albisu of Washington’s Del Campo restaurant–each course featuring newsprint from Milbank’s column from seven months ago where he wrote he would eat his column if Donald Trump won the Republican presidential nomination.

“Literally,” he wrote in October. “The day Trump clinches the nomination I will eat the page on which this column is printed in Sunday’s Post.”


The dishes–one of them, for instance, was a lovely falafel with chick peas and ground newsprint–were voted on by the newspaper’s readers, and The Post’s James Beard Award-winning food critic was on hand to taste and judge the dishes.

On the upside, there was wine–and Milbank revealed he took a dose of Pepcid before arriving for lunch: