Donald Trump Says Fox Wanted Him for Megyn Kelly Special

By Chris Ariens Comment

As part of CNN’s 3-hour special tonight, in which the 5 major party candidates will be interviewed, Donald Trump tells Wolf Blitzer Fox wanted him to be a part of Megyn Kelly‘s upcoming prime time network special. A clip of Trump’s interview, which was recorded at CNN D.C. before Trump’s appearance at the AIPAC conference, just aired on The Situation Room. Trump also disputed FNC’s statement Friday night that he is “obsessed” with Kelly.

“She’s got the obsession,” Trump told Blitzer. WATCH:

Over the weekend, Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes acknowledged he talked with Trump about being a part of the May special. “Of course we would welcome having Trump on the air because we put the public’s right to know above all else,” Ailes told THR. “Megyn was willing to conduct an interview with him for the broadcast special and we thought Trump would be willing to answer tough, but fair questions — apparently that’s not the case.”

Neither Bill Geddie, the special’s EP nor Kelly had any conversations with Trump about appearing on the special.