Donald Trump Explains to Hannity Why He Canceled Jimmy Kimmel Live! Appearance

By Brian Flood Comment

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will appear on Fox News Channel’s Hannity tonight in an interview taped this afternoon. Trump talks about why he canceled tonight’s scheduled appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as the ABC late-night show originates from Brooklyn this week. “I have a big political event which I can’t skip,” Trump tells Hannity. “I told him, I said, ‘you know I have this event, I can’t skip it,’ but I will be doing it in two weeks once I am out in Los Angeles.”

Trump also talks about which Democratic presidential candidate he’d like to face if he gets the nomination:

Well I don’t think Sanders is going to get there frankly. And I don’t mind going against Hillary’s record. I think I would beat her. You saw the various polls and myself against Hillary. I just beat her in Florida. A poll came out today where I beat her pretty easily in Florida. I beta her nationwide. I don’t mind going against Hillary and you know, Biden is right now – he’s got his period of time where he is popular. As soon as he gets in, he will get beaten up very badly. He’s done this three or four times. He’s lost every time so I don’t mind going against him at all. I don’t want to pick a favorite to be honest.