Donald Trump Expected Congrats From Chris Cuomo, Not a Hillary Question

By Chris Ariens 

Donald Trump‘s phone interview on New Day this morning didn’t get off to a great start, or finish. Chris Cuomo launched into a question about Trump’s first line of attack as the presumptive GOP nominee being the indiscretions of Bill Clinton.

“First of all, you should congratulate me for having won the race,” Trump said to Cuomo. “I thought, you know, at least there would be a small congratulations, but I’m not surprised with CNN, because that’s the way they treat Trump. They call it the Clinton Network and I believe that… I understand CNN perhaps a lot better than you do,” Trump told Cuomo.

“OK, OK. Sometimes it’s good to restart. Here’s the restart,” said Cuomo who then re-asked the Clinton question in a different way.

Trump then talked about what he has been talking about at his rallies: tougher borders, better trade, a stronger military, before once again turning the attack on CNN. “Every one of them had tens of thousands of people. They were massively attended, of course you don’t mention, nor does CNN ever show the crowds. I could be making a speech for an hour and they never show the extent of the crowd.”

“I suggest that CNN shows your events more than any other candidate’s,” said Cuomo.

And that was just the first 3 minutes of an 18-minute conversation.