Donald Trump Bashes Chuck Todd, MSNBC

By Brian Flood 

Presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on The O’Reilly Factor last night to defend himself against NBC’s decision to cut ties after his controversial comments regarding Mexicans. Trump didn’t hold back, mocking NBC, Univision, MSNBC and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd.

Trumps calls NBC “weak,” and says he’s spoken with the network’s top people and their names will come out in litigation. He goes on to mention that Univision ended their relationship with a “PR statement.” It gets extra juicy when Bill O’Reilly asks if Trump believes NBC has an anti-conservative bias.

“You have sleepy eyes Chuck Todd, who does Meet the Press, which is failing in the ratings. You have all sorts of bias. MSNBC, nobody watches it but it’s a total disaster in terms of bias. You absolutely have a tremendous bias,” Trump said.

The entire segment can be seen below: At the 5:56 mark Trump starts discussing NBC, while he digs into Univision at the 7:20 mark. The anti-conservative bias/Todd stuff comes at the 8:45 mark. The clip is essentially must-see TV for fans of either political party.

UPDATE: Trump was on FBN’s Mornings with Maria this morning and continued his attack on NBC. This time, mentioning Brian Williams and Al Shartpton.

“They keep Brian Williams, who’s a, you know, open liar. Brian Williams lied like as much as you can lie. He made up stories. He was their main announcer and then they take him back. Do they think he’s really going to change? I doubt it. They have Al Sharpton, they have lots of people. So, you know, if they want controversy, they certainly have the people,” Trump told Maria Bartiromo. “Oh and addition to that, if you look, they own MSNBC, which is a total disaster. It’s a ratings disaster.”