Don Lemon Called Out for Claiming Fox News Didn’t Cover Hope Hicks Resignation

By Chris Ariens 

CNN’s Don Lemon learned the hard way not to generalize about cable news coverage.

If you were watching MSNBC last night you saw a lot of news about Hope Hicks.

If you were watching Fox News, you’d have seen less of it.

As he covered the story on CNN last night, Lemon said, “I was sitting in my office and was watching all the news channels– Trump TV or state-run TV, they’re not even reporting this,” Lemon said referring to Fox News. “So, Trump supporters, they don’t even know about these stories, it doesn’t even register, that’s the amazing thing.”

That caught the attention of Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts:

This afternoon, Lemon explained on Twitter:

But even that didn’t sit well with Roberts who added, “Aaaaactually……..We had a report on Hick’s departure on Tucker’s show last night….which is in prime time…”