Don Imus: A Settlement & A Suit

By Chris Ariens 

Kia Vaughn, the star center for the Rutgers women’s basketball team, has filed a lawsuit against Don Imus for libel, slander and defamation. The suit is also against MSNBC, NBC Universal, CBS Radio, CBS Corp., Viacom Inc., Westwood One Radio and Imus producer Bernard McGuirk.

Earlier Tuesday, Imus and CBS Radio settled the remaining differences over Imus’ firing in April. And the new lawsuit, notwithstanding, there is no shortage of predictions about the I-man’s future:

The NYTimesJacques Steinberg: “the voice of Don Imus could resurface somewhere on the radio dial as soon as this fall.” But, “the list of broadcasters that could offer Imus the possibility of a flagship in New York, as well as a syndicated network of affiliates, is relatively short.”

ReutersDaniel Trotta: “Unconfirmed media reports have mentioned Sirius Satellite Radio… a Sirius spokesman declined comment, but CEO Mel Karmazin, told Fox News Channel last week: “The fact that he had been fired wouldn’t stop me from having Don work for me again.”

ForbesPat Milton: “Whatever Imus decides to do next, everyone is in agreement that he better be careful. ‘All eyes will be on Imus, so he’ll have to watch his back’, said Tom Taylor of”