Doctor Accuses Katie Couric of Deceptive Editing in 2014 Food Documentary

By Mark Joyella 

A doctor who was interviewed for a 2014 Katie Couric documentary about the food industry, Fed Up, says his interview was deceptively edited to suggest he could not answer one of Couric’s questions.

Dr. David Allison told Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends Thursday he had been told before his 90-minute interview with Couric to take a moment at any time to consider his words or start an answer over–a common courtesy in recorded television interviews. “And that’s what I was doing,” he told Steve Doocy.

Allison said Couric has specifically asked him to try and use language that was as free of scientific jargon as possible so it would be clear to a general audience. “I wanted to carefully choose my words to convey what a randomized control trial was, and why it was valued. And I waited. I gave a very clear answer after that pause, and she denied the American public the chance to really hear the evidence and ideas, and showed only the pause.”


Couric has apologized for an eight second paused edited into another documentary, Under the Gun, for “dramatic effect.” Members of a Virginia gun rights group recorded their interview with Couric and later produced the tape, which showed that no such pause happened during the interview, and they had immediately answered a question asked by Couric. The group accused Couric of deceptively editing the interview to imply they had been left speechless by the question.

Asked Thursday by Steve Doocy if Couric was “just out to make you look like an idiot,” Dr. Allison said “What her motivations were you can speculate as well as I … I wasn’t as clever as the people in the other movie to have taped it myself.”