Dobbs, Klein Blowup During Caucus

By SteveK 

TVNewser has received several tips today about a blowup last night between CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein. One tipster writes that Dobbs was upset by a lack of airtime and apparently attempted to leave during the broadcast. Klein told Dobbs to sit down, and that’s when “the fireworks went off.” A second tipster says that the two, “had it out.”

According to the initial CNN press release, Dobbs was slated, along with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper, to, “guide the network’s special coverage” from the CNN Election Center. From what we saw last night during the live blogging, Dobbs was only on the air sporadically, especially as the night got later.

A CNN spokesperson confirms the story saying, “Iowa wasn’t the only place where there was spirited caucusing going on last night.”

We hear, though, from a CNN insider, that Dobbs and Klein have been seen together today and “they seem fine.”