Did ‘The Early Show’ Cancel Michael Moore? Was He Ever Booked?

By Chris Ariens 

Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar caught this Tweet Saturday night from filmmaker Michael Moore:

Backlash Begins: CBS has cancelled [sic] me on its Mon. morning show. After I criticized ABC/Disney on GMA, they didn’t want me to do same to CBS.

Moore is referencing what he said during his appearance on “Good Morning America” last Wednesday.

But in a statement released over the weekend CBS News says, “Michael Moore was never booked on ‘The Early Show’.”

So, was CBS worried Moore would go rogue on live TV? Or did they just not want GMA’s leftovers?

“I can accurately say that the bookers who book the show have definitely been in discussion with us to have him on the show,” a rep from Moore’s distrubutor Overture Films tells Sklar. “When we attempted to confirm the booking they said they didn’t want to follow GMA.”