Did The Clintons Do A “Full Court Press” To Keep Ed Klein Off The Air?

By Brian 

Following up on last week’s item: Ed Klein, author of “The Truth About Hillary Clinton,” was back on TV Monday night, after some critics accused media outlets of blacklisting his book. Toward the end of an interview on CNN Monday, Lou Dobbs asked Klein when he will appear again on TV. “Well, whenever the Clintons stop preventing me from appearing, since they’ve done a full court press with ABC, CBS, and NBC to keep me off,” Klein responded.

> Dobbs ended the interview by saying: “We’ll continue to have folks, irrespective of what the other folks are doing.”

> A Newsmax article says “Klein had been scheduled for MSNBC’s ‘Scarborough Country’ Monday night, but his appearance was abruptly cancelled earlier in the day.” Additionally, “CNN host Howard Kurtz also reported this weekend that Sen. Clinton’s office was actively trying to suppress the book by encouraging television shows not to give Klein air time.”