Where Does Diane Sawyer Get her Ratings Info?

By Chris Ariens 

We like to think we’re the one-stop blog for TV and cable news news. The most popular posts we write on any given day are the ratings posts: the daily cable news Scoreboard, the evening news ratings on Tuesdays and the morning show ratings on Thursdays. We like to think a lot of the people who work in TV news get their ratings information from us. And here’s further proof that it’s true.

During the Kalb Report discussion at the National Press Club Tuesday, broadcast on C-SPAN Wednesday, ABC’s Diane Sawyer, who was the honored guest, was asked whether she looks at her ratings.

Marvin Kalb: Do you look after the ratings?

Diane Sawyer: I know you won’t believe this. [laughter] Ratings sail into me occasionally when I see TVNewser, or when someone looks very glum, but I don’t check them myself. I’ve told Jon Banner, our executive producer to check them someplace else. I would rather not. I get as excited as anyone when I know something that we cared about connected with an audience. I love that. But I simply don’t want to be hostage to that.