Diane Sawyer: ‘I Love the Idea of Something that is Challenging in a New Way’

By Chris Ariens 

Now a month in the “World News” anchor chair, ABC’s Diane Sawyer pauses briefly to talk with the AP, The Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

“I’m always startled that the sun is up,” she tells USAT of the move from mornings to evenings – and is grateful for “seeing my husband,” filmmaker Mike Nichols. “We’re going out at night.”

Sawyer demurs when asked if she prefers the sober evenings to a.m. infotainment, where she was seen jumping on trampolines. “You assume I’ve given that up!”

“I couldn’t have done 11 years if I hadn’t enjoyed the morning,” she says. But at night, viewers pay attention “in a different way. They’re expecting to be informed.”

To The Times Sawyer says the move, “wasn’t about a position for me.”

“I do think that I’m probably addicted, if anything, to stretching, and I love the idea of something that is challenging in a new way.”

And of the miles she traveled for the show already: Afghanistan, Haiti, and today to Washington to interview the president, Sawyer tells the AP’s David Bauder she wouldn’t have it any other way: “They have to restrain me. I will get on the plane at the drop of a

“I love the field,” Sawyer says. “I love to be there, sense it, experience it. I love, from my years of doing it, what people say to you and how it affects your understanding of the story.”