Deutsch Leaves Osama’s Niece In Tears

By Brian 

“Osama bin Laden’s sexy singing niece, Wafah Bin Ladin, got more than she bargained for during an appearance on Donny Deutsch‘s CNBC show the other night,” Page Six says.

“If you were in a courtroom and you had to sentence Osama to death, would you do it?” Deutsch asked. “Most Americans would want to take a baseball bat and bust his head into 80,000 pieces.”

Wafah “admitted she’d do it, but was reduced to tears. After the show, Deutsch got thousands of phone calls and e-mails, most chiding him for being a ruffian. The response was so overwhelming that Deutsch invited Wafah back on his show Wednesday night, ostensibly to apologize — but it turned into a debate over whether she should be the sub ject of a terror investigation. ‘He was overly aggressive, but I rose above it,’ Wafah said…”