Denver ABC Affiliate Disputes ABC News Report on Colorado Shooting

By Merrill Knox 

KMGH, the Scripps-owned ABC affiliate in Denver, is disputing an ABC News report about Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes’ jail behavior, TVSpy reports.

ABC News and the New York Daily News both reported yesterday that Holmes has been spitting at officers in the Arpahoe County Jail, with ABC also reporting that Holmes was forced to wear a face mask. Without naming ABC News specifically, KMGH disputed these reports in an article posted on its website this afternoon:

Two national news organizations have reported that Holmes, who is being detained in solitary confinement, has been acting out at the Arapahoe County Jail. One national news organization also reported Tuesday night that Holmes has been put in a headgear to prevent him from spitting at guards. However, knowledgeable sources tell CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia that is just not true.

ABC News has since edited the online version of its story to include an editor’s note pointing out the conflicting reports. The judge presiding over Holmes’ case, William Sylvester, issued a gag order earlier this week that covers the jail, making it more difficult for reporters to to gain further insight into Holmes’ behavior.

Last week, ABC News issued a correction after reporting that Holmes was connected to a local Tea Party group in Colorado.