Dennis Kneale’s Uncertain Future at CNBC

By kevin 

CNBC Media & Technology Editor Dennis Kneale sits down with Business Insider to discuss his time at the network as well as his future in Englewood Cliffs. Some recent dayside adjustments — and the September cancellation of “CNBC Reports,” which he said he hopes isn’t his only shot — have left Kneale unsure about his direction there:

In early June, CNBC plans to slice the daily two-hour format of “Power Lunch” in half, airing it just an hour a day to make room for a new half-hour show anchored by David Faber and a half-hour “Fast Money Halftime Report.” It isn’t clear whether all four anchors of “Power Lunch” will hold on to their spots in the one-hour remake. Kneale himself admits he doesn’t know: “They haven’t told us,” he says of CNBC brass.

Publicly discussing the ambiguous state of your job may seem strange, but Kneale doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer asked if Kneale “sealed his CNBC fate,” to which Kneale replied, “guys! it was really that bad, tenure-threatening? seemed like pretty tame stuff to me.”


Kneale joined CNBC from Forbes in 2007. He is also well-known for having gotten in a fist-fight with the internet.