Dems Buck a Trend: “It Has Everything to do With the People Who Watch Fox News”

By Chris Ariens 

The Times, the one in New York and the one in Los Angeles, have Friday write-ups on Fox’s new friends: the Democrats.

“I was very frustrated when we were the target of this boycott, but I always felt that eventually they would come around, because they need to reach out to our audience,” Chris Wallace told the LA Times’ Matea Gold. “It has nothing to do with Fox News. It has everything to do with the people who watch Fox News,” Wallace added.

Gold writes, “Fox News has not enjoyed the kind of huge audience gains that rivals CNN and MSNBC have this political season. But it remains the top-ranked cable news network…”

In the NY Times, Brian Stelter writes, “In short, Fox News and the Democrats abruptly find each other useful.”

Brit Hume tells Stelter, “It’s probably true that we appeal to white working-class voters. The candidates are going where the voters are.”

Wallace had Barack Obama on his show last Sunday. And Wednesday’s O’Reilly Factor, featuring Hillary Clinton in her first-ever Factor appearance drew the highest ratings for the show in more than five months. And the thaw continues. DNC chairman Howard Dean will guest with Wallace this Sunday, “the first time in 18 months,” writes Stelter.

Now, about that O’Reilly invitation to Obama