Democrats, Republicans, Independents on the Cablers Tonight

By SteveK 

With a debate in one state and a primary in another, political coverage on the cable networks will be vastly different tonight.

• MSNBC’s main attraction tonight will be the Las Vegas Democratic debate, airing from 9-11pmET. With election results from the Michigan primary coming in during the Nevada debate. Before 9pmET, Chris Matthews, Tucker Carlson and Keith Olbermann will all host their shows at their regularly scheduled times. Matthews and Olbermann will anchor post-debate and Michigan primary coverage from 11pm-1amET.

• Tonight on CNN, the only change to the regularly scheduled programming is the preemption of the one-day-old CNN Election Center at 8pmET for the Lou Dobbs special Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit (shockingly, this is also the name of his new book). According to the web site, Dobbs’ special asks, “Are the presidential candidates addressing the issues that matter most to you?” After the special, Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper 360 follow, with Michigan results coverage.

• Fox News Channel will shake up its primetime line-up, with Brit Hume hosting Michigan primary coverage from 8-10pmET. Following Hume, Hannity and Colmes will air live, one hour later than regularly scheduled, from 10-11pmET. A new, but taped, O’Reilly Factor airs at 11pmET.