Democrats Agree to 3 More Presidential Debates

By Mark Joyella 

With the Democratic race suddenly seeming far tighter than many had expected, the Democrats have agreed to an additional three debates–all of which will be sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee. The debates were confirmed by Bernie Sanders in an interview with CNN.

“We got California, we got Michigan, and that’s good,” Sanders told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “I wanted a debate in New York City, but Secretary Clinton has not agreed to do that.”

In addition to California and Michigan, Clinton and Sanders have also agreed to a debate in Pennsylvania. Network assignments and specifics regarding the schedules and moderators have yet to be determined.

The Washington Post, citing an unnamed source, reports the Michigan debate will be in Flint in March; the Pennsylvania debate in April, and the California debate in May. Earlier Wednesday, the DNC confirmed it had sanctioned the New Hampshire debate set to air on MSNBC tomorrow night. That debate had been announced without the party’s endorsement by the New Hampshire Union Leader.