Dem Pollster Says FNC Aids The GOP, Using Newsgathering “As A Cover”

By Brian 

Some of the quotes in LAT columnist (and CNN analyst) Ron Brownstein‘s “Fox hounded” piece are caustic. Kerry pollster Mark Mellman says “everything Fox does is directed toward aiding and abetting the Republican Party, and it uses its newsgathering organization more or less as a cover for that,” he said.

And a “senior advisor to one of the 2008 Democratic contenders” (!) says “I think the more they can be de-legitimized the better. They are in business to promote the Republican Party and to hurt the Democratic Party, and they have every right to do that, but to the extent that their pretense of objectivity can be challenged, it should be.”

Wow. As Brownstein puts it, “one of the premier conservative media institutions now faces the likelihood of a sustained siege from Democrats using the same fluid tactics many conservatives have long applied against the mainstream press.” Here’s the full column…