Defending Bill Hemmer: “One Of The Most Enthusiastic, Eager, Capable People”

By Brian 

> Yesterday: Bill Hemmer has lost support inside CNN; he “has no idea how to do anything himself,” a staffer complains.

Reacting to this Beltway Buzz item, many e-mailers have rushed to Bill Hemmer’s defense.

“Your anonymous whiner’s comments about Hemmer’s qualities as a journalist were complete bullshit,” senior CNN legal analyst Jeff Toobin e-mailed to TVNewser this morning.

“In my experience, Bill Hemmer was actually the best/most thoughtful/toughest interview I’ve ever had,” a frequent cable news pundit added. “His questions were the most pointed and well-phrased and actually made me think.”

“I’ve personally worked with him, and he is a hardworking journalist,” another e-mailer said, but added that he can’t see Hemmer at the White House: “He’s perfect in New York.”

> Update: 10:38am: In an e-mail to Beltway Buzz, CNN’s Daryn Kagan says Hemmer is “one of the most enthusiastic, eager, and capable people in the business.” Kagan’s e-mail suggests that Hemmer could end up at another network: “They will be lucky to have him,” she says…