Decisions Decisions; Olbermann & Cosby

By Brian 

Another excerpt from Tim Goodman in the Chronicle:Keith Olbermann, whose Countdown program — part hard news, part Daily Show snark and an amalgamation that works wonderfully well in our modern times — has distilled the headlines of this story as well as anyone.

Olbermann was one of the first to let flood victims use his airtime to speak to unseen loved ones about being safe or to try to locate missing relatives. Others in the media, like Anderson Cooper on CNN, quickly followed suit.”

This sparks an e-mailer to weigh in: “So after reading these pans of Rita Cosby in major newspapers and the praising of Keith Olbermann in many of the same articles, why exactly did Rick Kaplan choose to sideline Olbermann this past weekend and give Cosby four hours of time? There’s a story there you might want to look into.”