Deborah Norville Slams Rita Cosby: You’ll Never See Me Anchoring “From A Whorehouse”

By Brian 

Update: 3:15pm: “Rita didn’t ANCHOR from a whorehouse; but Norville did lock herself up in prison for Inside Edition. “Hello, pot? This is the kettle. YOU’RE BLACK,” an e-mailer responds…

In a must-read Q&A with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Deborah Norville explains what happened to her ill-fated MSNBC show “Deborah Norville Tonight:”

  “One, you cannot do two full time jobs at the same time. It was impossible, and it was killing me. … And increasingly, they wanted the show live. They wanted it live because Laci Peterson’s mother might cry at the trial. You know, the show they have on now has a lot in common. And I’m sure Rita Cosby is a very hardworking woman, but you will never see Deborah Norville anchoring a show from a whorehouse. I don’t think that’s the definition of news in this country.”

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