Deborah Norville: Gratefulness Takes “The Edge Off”

By Alissa Krinsky 

In her new book, Thank You Power, Deborah Norville looks into whether being a grateful person makes one happier. She tells USA Today‘s Peter Johnson studies show that people “who have a plethora of events for which they feel grateful bounce back more quickly from trauma, can undo the negative effects of stress and have lower blood pressure.”

“Taking notes in a little cloth notebook that she keeps in her purse,” Johnson writes, “Norville tries to jot down things for which she’s grateful every day, then she reads her entries during stressful times.”

“I’m not perfect,” Norville says. “I’ll miss a few days and catch back up. Then three weeks from now, when I’m wigged out and I’m on my book tour and I’ve forgotten to write permission slips for my kids and I’m not in the right city, I’ll take it out and it will take the edge off.”