Debates: Brit Hume Prepares

By Brian 

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Above, Brit Hume prepares for tonight’s debate. has a Q&A with Hume and questioner Chris Wallace:

  Q: You’ve interviewed most if not all of these candidates before. So what is the challenge or the benefit of this forum versus say, FOX News Sunday or Special Report?

The thing is really governed by the numbers and when you’re trying to manage 10 people in 90 minutes, it’s a complicated mathematical challenge and it challenges your alertness because you’ve got to keep track of what a lot of different people said about a lot of different things so that if there is something that screams out for a follow-up, you don’t miss it, which is quite possible.

In the meantime, you’re keeping an eye on the time, you’re keeping an eye on sort of juggling the question of whether everybody is getting a fair shot and then you’ve also got to be conscious of the substance of what people are saying so that if something leaps out you don’t miss it. So it’s not easy and it’s not like an ordinary interview with one person or two or three. This is … huge.