Debate Countdown

By Chris Ariens 

The Milwaukee JournalSentinel‘s Tim Cuprisin caught up with FNC’s Brit Hume ahead of tonight’s debate. No stranger to debates, (he was on the panel in 1988, when Lloyd Bentsen upstaged Dan Quayle with his ‘You’re no Jack Kennedy‘ line) Hume will moderate tonight.

“You’re trying to be fair to everybody; you’re also trying to let the debate unfold. The trick is to balance those two obligations, Hume says. “That’s the thing you’ll always worry about, is that you’ll step on something, or that you’ll fail to follow up when something is happening.”

The debate starts at 9pmET. Carl Cameron will moderate audience questions directed to the candidates. Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes will anchor the post-debate analysis from the spin room at 10:30ET, at the same time on, Greta Van Susteren will host post-debate coverage with a panel in Washington and guests in New Hampshire.