Death of Tim Russert: CNN

By Chris Ariens 

CNN has been in continuous coverage of the death of Tim Russert since the news broke just after 3:30pmET. The programming will continue into the night and weekend, we’re told. Guests on tonight’s Larry King Live include, Bob Schieffer, Paul Begala, Ted Koppel, Jack Welch, Bob Woodward, Fr. David O’Connell, President of Catholic University, Wolf Blitzer, Campbell Brown, Madeleine Albright, John Edwards, Terry McAuliffe and Barbara Walters (by phone).

• Sunday’s Reliable Sources will discuss the enormous impact Tim Russert had on the world of politics and the media. Guests include Wolf Blitzer, David Bohrman, Judy Woodruff and Sally Quinn.

• On Sunday’s Late Edition, Wolf Blitzer will reminisce about the passing of his friend, colleague, and fellow Buffalonian, Tim Russert. He will speak to newsmakers for their reaction and fond memories of the veteran newsman. Among the guests, Joe Johns, a former NBC News correspondent now with CNN, who was brought to NBC by Russert.

> Update: “Campbell Brown: Election Center,” will pay tribute to the life and times of Russert at 8pmET. She will talk to newsmakers and friends about their memories. Also, the Larry King guest list has been updated.