Daytime Drama For Former Primetime Anchor

By Chris Ariens 

As the world turns for ex-CNNer Paula Zahn. Saturday we told you about the lawsuit she has filed against her estranged husband, (where’s my $25 million?). Now the NYDaily News says her soon-to-be ex “has his hands on a diary that lays bare her secret affair with another tycoon.”

Zahn’s husband “doesn’t want to drag Paula’s dirty laundry through a public arena. He does not want to embarrass her or their children,” says the News’ source.

Then why hold on to the diary the source calls “quite lurid”? Oh, that lawsuit. Zahn’s husband is refusing “to deal with issues of child custody and visitation ‘unless she signs away her right to an accounting’ of the $25M.

And one more nugget from the item: Zahn has recently “moved into an E. 76th St. full-floor rental, for which she’s said to be paying $40,000 a month.”