Daybreak Discontinued: Unanswered Q’s

By Brian 

Following up on this memo about American Morning’s expansion:

> “What will CNN do with that 5 a.m. hour?,” an e-mailer asks. “I rely on Daybreak to give me my world and national news” early in the morning…

> Will American Morning use the Daybreak studio, or is the Time Warner Center newsroom studio still in the works?

> How does Carol Costello feel about the change?

> Responses from e-mailers: 1:53pm: “Carol is happy with the change. Better hours, same NICE salary and a bigger role in American Morning.” // “Klein hasn’t decided what he’ll do with the 5a hour yet.” // “American Morning will continue to exist on the Showbiz tonight set for the forseeable future. There have been halts in progress on the 4th floor newsroom set, but it is now scheduled to be online sometime in the first quarter of ’06. They will not be moving to the Daybreak Studio as it is the Lou Dobbs Studio and would require a good reworking to put a show of AM’s type into it.”