David Folkenflik on Fusion: ‘One of the Most Interesting Experiments…Since Fox News’

By Mark Joyella 


NPR’s media correspondent David Folkenflik talked to “Here and Now” host Jeremy Hobson about Fusion, the just-turned-one year old TV network that brings together Univision and ABC. “I think what they are looking to do here is one of the most interesting experiments we’ve seen in television in a very long time, perhaps since the emergence of Fox News in 1996,” Folkenflik said.

Folkenflik recently toured Fusion’s Miami headquarters, and talked about the quality of the hires the network has made in its first year:

“You’re talking about, I think, a stockpiling of an incredible amount of talent in the social media world – Felix Salmon, Margarita Noriega, and many others – who I think are trying to put Fusion on the map in the social media world as a way of, I guess, doing well by doing good — that is by doing really good work, by doing stuff that is compelling, telling stories… they’re trying to figure out new ways to approach stories about politics, or sports, or foreign affairs or what have you, in a way that works in a vernacular of social media and has credibility with younger viewers and consumers and I think they see that as a sort of viral marketing technique as well as a way of doing solid, but digital journalism.”